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Russian Market Entry Programme: Model 1, Quick Start 

Quick Start, Russian Market Entry

Model 1 of our Russian Market Entry Programme, or Quick Start, is a time-based solution to assist new market entrants in applying the low-cost and fixed-rate approach.

This model could be a good option to resource-constrained international businesses that could identify their sales channels without in-depth market research.  The other group of typical Model 1 customers are the businesses that require negotiation/ contract/ liaising/ introduction/ etc. support with pre-selected market players or government officials to ensure quick and successful market entry campaign within 3 months+ period.


Key Benefits

 1. Short 3-Month+ Term 

Our initial agreement covers a 3-month period.  Subject the customer is certain about its key targets/ sales channels to approach, this period usually allows us to launch client’s operations in Russia and, often, secure the first sales.  Based on the first quarter results, the customers can adjust their strategies, optimise operations as per the market realities, or refrain from further expansion if, for some reason, the market does not meet client’s expectations.

2. Low Opportunity Costs of Under €9,000/$10,000 Per Quarter 

Our fixed flat monthly fee is €2,990/$3,290 per month for 32 hours of service in a wide range of disciplines.  Based on our experience, 4 full days of our involvement per month (i.e., 1 day per week over 4 week period per calendar month) tends to be sufficient to handle the market entry task. We can add additional services, if requested, at any time.

3. One-Stop-Shop Advantage

With our unbeatable combination of expertise areas, legal background, industry knowledge, life-tested connections in the business community, Government Affairs skills, and a network of resources, our consultancy bring you high value at a reasonable cost.


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